How to configure cPanel Email with email clients?

How to configure cPanel Email with email clients?

An email client is a desktop application that enables users to receive and send emails directly on their desktops. You can use the email client to read, organize, and reply to messages, as well as send new ones. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, macOS Mail, Mailbox, and iOS Mail are all popular email applications.

Email clients can use several protocols to send and receive emails via email servers. The most commonly used protocols include:

  • POP (Post Office Protocol): POP works by calling your email service and downloading all new messages. They are erased from the email service once downloaded into your PC or Mac.
  • IMAP(Internet Mails Access Protocol): IMAP allows you to access your email from any device and from any location. When you view an email message with IMAP, you are not downloading or storing it on your computer rather, you are reading it from the email service.
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a set of communication protocols that allows applications to send electronic mail over the internet.

In this Blog I will show you how to configure cPanel Email with email clients.

 Creating a New Email Account

Step 1:To begin, create an Email account in cPanel that will be used to configure email clients. Open cPanel, navigate to the Email menu, and then click on Email Accounts. Email section in cPanel

Step 2:After that, you have to click on create, then give your username and password, and then click on create. There you will find your new email ID.

Creating new email account

Adding details to create email account

The email address that we have recently created can be found here.

Click on connect device

Step 3: Click on Connect Device to see the manual settings of your Email Address. Here, POP3 and IMAP are your incoming mail servers and SMTP is your outgoing mail server.

Incoming and Outgoing server details

Steps to setup email on Outlook.

Step 1:Open the Start menu. Search for Outlook, and choose it.

Interface of Outlook

If you already have mailboxes set up, navigate to File >> Info >>Account Information and click the +Add Account button.If you already have an account in Outlook, then use this method

Step 2: Enter the Email address you have created in the cPanel emails and then click on Connect button.

Adding email account

Step 3:On the next page, select the POP or  IMAP, and then click Next. If you click on the IMAP option then follow these rules.

Selecting IMAP

  • Incoming mail server:  It is written in step 3 above, the secure SSL/TLS setting.
  • Incoming mail port: 993 for secure.
  • Encryption method: SSL/TLS
  • Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): should be unchecked.
  • Outgoing mail server: same as an Incoming mail server.
  • Outgoing mail port: 465
  • Encryption method: SSL/TLS .
  • Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): should be unchecked.

IMAP account settings

Step 4:Enter your password and then click on connect button.

Adding password

Step 5:As you can see your account is successfully added to outlook.

Account successfully added

Steps to Setup email on Mozilla Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is a free e-mail client that allows users to send, receive, and manage e-mail on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and other supported systems. Users can set Thunderbird to retrieve email from their email provider using IMAP or POP3, and to send email via SMTP.

Step 1:Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 2:Click on the Menu Icon on the right side of the screen, then select New Message.

Interface of thunderbird

step 3:Now, click on Existing Mail Account to enter your email address.

Click on existing mail accounts

Step 4:Enter your Email address that you have created in the cPanel emails and then click on the Continue button.

Adding details to existing email address

Now you have to do Manual configuration of the Incoming server and Outgoing server, for INCOMING SERVER we are using IMAP.

Protocol: IMAP
Hostname: Use your hostname, If you don’t know your hostname, then you should contact your host provider.
Port: 993
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Authentication method: Normal Password

Manual configuration of incoming server

For OUTGOING SERVER we are using SMTP.

Protocol: SMTP
Hostname: Same hostname as the incoming hostname.
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Authentication method: Normal Password.

Manual configuration of outgoing server

After you’ve completed all of the fields click on Done. This is the last step. Following that, you will notice that your email has been created in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 5:Here you can see that an email was created and tested.

Account created and tested

Steps to Setup Email On Android.

Step 1:Open your Android Mail app, then go to the main menu. At the bottom of the screen, choose Settings.

Setting option of email

Step 2: When you click on Settings, you will find an option to Add account. Click on it.

Add accounts option

Step 3:Click on the Other option.

Clicking on other options

Step 4: Enter your email address and then click on Manual setup.

Adding email address

Step 5:Choose the IMAP option and click on that.

IMAP option

Step 6:Now fill in the Incoming server settings now.

Adding details to incoming server

Step 7: Add outgoing server settings details.

Adding outgoing server details

Step 8:After that, you will see a confirmation message indicating that the account has been successfully set up.

Account setup message

Step 9:By clicking the Next button, you will be sent back to the list of email accounts that have been set up on your device. You can see the email you just added there.

Newly created account

Steps to Setup Email On Mail App.

Step 1:Open the Mail App by clicking Start in Windows and typing Mail, then click the Mail app.

Interface of mail app

Step 2:Click on Add account option.

Add account option

Step 3:A new box will open once you click on Add account. Scroll to the bottom and select the Advanced setup option.

Advance setup of mail app

Step 4:Now choose Internet email.

Internet email option

Step 5:Enter the information required to link your cPanel email account to the Windows Mail application.

Email address: The email address you want to connect with in cPanel.

User name: The username is always the full email address.

Password: Password of the Email address.

Account name: You can select anything you want.

Send your messages using this name: When you send an email to a user, this is the name you want them to see.

Incoming email server: You can find your incoming email server in the secure SSL/TSL option, as I mentioned earlier in the topic creating an email account step 3.

Account type: Select IMAP4.

Outgoing email server: Should be the same as the incoming email server.

Adding Internet email account details

Adding Internet email account details

Once all of the needed information has been entered, click Sign in.

Sign in option

Step 6:The Mail application will then notify you that the setup is complete and your email account has been added.

Account set up successfully message

I hope this information helps you how configure cPanel Email with email clients . If you find any difficulty then you can contact us through a Support Ticket or live chat. We are there for you.

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