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Powerful and high-performance VPS servers hosted in Nepal. The VPS in Nepal Server is hosted on enterprise-grade hardware with direct-attached 100% Pure SSD Drives and full RAID protection. Local VPS are configurable, lightning fast, reliable, and robust.

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Ram6 GBCPU3 CoreDisk70 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.4000 Monthly Order Now
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VPS in Nepal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – We're here to help...

VPS in Nepal are useful for websites or web applications that are frequently used by Nepalese citizens.

Yes,you will receive full root access for your VPS in Nepal.

eHostingServer offers an unmanaged VPS in Nepal service.

No, we do not offer a trial period.

With root access, you can host any number of websites. There is no limitation on VPS for the number of domains that can be hosted.

Once you have signed up and paid, VPS in Nepal are automatically provisioned. It might take a few minutes to receive the VPS login details in your email.

Yes, you can contact us via live chat if available, or you can create a support ticket. Our professional support team is available round the clock to help you.

No, we do not provide backup for VPS in Nepal.

No, cPanel/WHM license is not included in the above VPS in Nepal package.

You can choose a package on the basis of your requirements, like the number of CPUs or space of RAM.

We do not assist you in migrating your website from another hosting provider.

Linux Operating system is available on VPS in Nepal.

VMware-based virtualization is available on our VPS in Nepal.

Yes, we offer full customization on our VPS in Nepal package.

No, We do not offer money back on VPS in Nepal.