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Powerful and High Performance VPS Server hosted in Nepal. VPS Server in Nepal is hosted on enterprise-grade hardware with direct attached 100% Pure SSD Drives and full RAID protection. Local VPS are Configurable, lightening fast, reliable and robust.

Ram2 GBCPU1 CoreDisk30 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.1200 MonthlyOrder Now
Ram4 GBCPU2 CoreDisk50 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.2500 MonthlyOrder Now
Ram6 GBCPU3 CoreDisk70 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.4000 Monthly Order Now
Ram8 GBCPU4 CoreDisk90 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.6000 Monthly Order Now
Ram10 GBCPU5 CoreDisk100 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.7500 Monthly Order Now
Ram12 GBCPU6 CoreDisk120 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.10000 Monthly Order Now
Ram16 GBCPU8 CoreDisk150 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.14000 Monthly Order Now
Ram24 GBCPU12 CoreDisk200 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.16000 Monthly Order Now
Ram32 GBCPU16 CoreDisk400 GBBandwithUnlimitedPriceरू.20000 MonthlyOrder Now

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