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Features & Benefits

eHostingServer Provides cheapest Domain Registration in Nepal with many free features like DNS Management, Domain locking, thept protectin, forwarding, etc.

White Labelled Registrar

White Labeled

We use white labelled registrar for domain registration service, you do not see our name on domain information page.

Advanced DNS Management

DNS Management

Complete DNS management is available with each domain name, you can modify nameserver or add any dns records.

Renewal Management

Renewal Management

You can renew your domain name from our billing control panel. You can renew upto 10 years at once.

No Setup Fees for Domain

No Setup Fee

We do not charge extra setup fee for domain registration. You only need to pay domain registration fees.

Whois Control

Whois Control

You have full control to show information in whois. You can add or modify existing contact details.

free Tech Support

24/7 Tech Support

Not much support is needed for domain, still if you are confused about domain , our team will help you.

Domain Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – We're here to help...

You can renew your domain from your domain customer panel which we provide at the time of domain registration. If you do not have access to domain control panel please contact our support team for quick assistance.

After 7 to 15 days prior to the domain expiration date, the domain name will not be able to renew. The domain will go in redemption/auction and any one can buy that domain. Make sure you renew domain before it get expired.

In most case you should personalize your domain name with your purpose. You should register domain name which completely reflects your business or cause.

We provide full DNS control to our domain customer. You can change name server from domain control panel which we provide at the time of domain registration.

You can transfer your existing domain from another company to our by obtaining domain secret code/Authorization code. You also need to unlock domain or turn off domain thept protection. You can contact our support team for your assistance.

Yes, you can register as many domain name you want. You can forward all the domain name to a single website if needed.

Free domain registration are only applied for .np registration. You can apply for free domain registration in Nepal for your organization name or for your personal use. You need to provide the citizenship/Organization registration certificate.

Depending on your purpose of use, you can select plan on our website. We also have cloud hosting perfect for any kinds of business.

Since we depends on domain registry for domain registration service, it may increase. We do not increase price more often.

Yes, you own your domain name. You do not see our name on contact details of your domain.

Yes, you can transfer away by obtaining domain EPP code(Transfer Code) and unlocking your domain from domain setting.

No, We do not offer moneback on Domain Registration Service. Once domain is active it can be deleted.