How to Point Custom Domain to Blogger using Cloudflare DNS

Blogger is most popular blog publishing platforms which was developed by Pyra Labs and later on Google acquired it. On blogger blogs are hosted on Google server and are generally accessed by sub domain of However user can easily point custom domain to blogger.

Custom domain can be point to blogger using DNS management service. In this blog we are using world’s most popular DNS Management service (Cloudflare) to forward domain to

Follow the below steps properly to point your custom domain to blogspot via Cloudflare DNS.

  1. Login to if you already have an account or create new account from this link.Cloudflare New Account
  2. After you have created account and logged in, click on Add a Site.
  3. You will see option to enter your domain name. Enter your domain name and click on Add site.
  4. Select Free Plan worth 0$ and confirm plan.
  5. Now Cloudflare will scan your domain and will show nameserver which needs to be updated at your domain.Cloudflare dns for blogger
  6. Now log on to your Domain Control Panel and change nameserver which is assigned for your account by Cloudflare. In my case it is and It may be different nameserver for your account.Change Name-server for Domain
  7. Now login to your blogger account > Setting > Basic > Set up a third-party URL for your blog. Add your domain and click on save button.How to Point Custom Domain to Blogger using Cloudflare DNS
  8. Now go back to your Cloudflare dashboard. Click on DNS Tab.How to Point Custom Domain to Blogger using Cloudflare DNS 1
  9. Here you need to Add Records (CNAME) which was generated by Blogger in Step 7. So the final image after adding records will look like below. If you have any previous records you need to delete those.How to Point Custom Domain to Blogger using Cloudflare DNSWhile adding records make sure you click on Proxied (Proxy Status) and use TTL lowest which is 2 minutes.
  10. You also need to add Google IP for blogger.  (,,,
  11. Add all four IP as A Records type in Cloudflare. Final DNS Setting should look like below image. In Name field use @ and target IP.How to Point Custom Domain to Blogger using Cloudflare DNS
  12. Now wait for few minutes (At least 30 Minutes). Go back to blogger, step 7. Click on save button. If you are unable to save it wait for an hour and try again. Make sure you DNS are added properly. You can also add txt record provided by Blogger to verify your domain.
  13. After your domain is added successfully. Click on edit and enable redirection like below image.Redirect non www to www in blogger

I hope this blog helped you to add custom domain in blogger. If you have followed every steps properly it should work fine. If you still have issue contact us and our team will help you.

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