How to setup SMTP Authentication in WordPress?

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an application that is used to send ,receive and relay outgoing emails between senders and receivers.

SMTP Authentication basically adds an extension that secures your mails. Without authentication, it is possible for spammers to damage your email program with tactics like email spoofing. Email spoofing is a tactic used by people attempting to send mail with a forged sending address that they don’t own. Additionally, recipient servers may view your mail as untrustworthy.

Problem arises during sending email from wordpress.

  • Sending email from my WordPress site but it’s not getting delivered to the recipient.
  • The email has been sent, but it went into the spam or junk folder on the recipient’s side.
  • The email wasn’t sent because of server restrictions.
  • The email got lost somewhere on the server.

Because WordPress does not have any automatic way to enable SMTP authentication, there are various plugins that we can use to accomplish it. In this blog, I am using Easy WP SMTP.

Follow these steps to setup SMTP Authentication in WordPress:

STEP 1: Login your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Plugins then go to  Add New page then Search Easy WP SMTP plugins .After that install that plugin and activate it.

Adding new plugins
Installing and activating Easy WP SMTP plugin.

STEP 2: Now the plugin is active go to the Settings in the WordPress dashboard sidebar and then click on Easy WP SMTP.

Easy WP SMTP plugin

STEP 3: Now fill in the details in the above field.

  • From Email Address: This should be the address you want the emails to be sent from. You could use something like or I have used
  • From Name: You can use the name of your Organization or Website.
  • Reply-To Email Address: This can be left blank, or you can specify a different address people should send to if they click ‘Reply’ on any WordPress emails.
  • SMTP Host: If you see cPanel for your email service, you can find the SMTP host. Navigate to cPanel > Email Accounts > Connect Devices > Set Up Mail Client. It will be your “Outgoing Server” field. You can also use server hostname. Ask your web hosting provider for your hostname.
  • Type of Encryption: If you use your cPanel for your email service, select SSL/TLS.
  • SMTP Port: If you use your cPanel for your email service, use 465.
  • SMTP Authentication: This option should always be marked Yes.
  • SMTP Username: Input the email address you will be sending from as the username.
  • SMTP Password: Input the email’s password.
How to setup SMTP Authentication in WordPress
How to setup SMTP Authentication in WordPress

STEP 4: Click Save Changes and then click the Test Email tab near the top of the page. There you can fill in an email address before clicking the Send Test Email button.

Sending Test Email

As you can see Test email was successfully sent. No errors occurred during the process. If you receive the test email, you’ve successfully enabled SMTP Authentication for your WordPress website.

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