Fix: npm Command not found in cPanel

On our business hosting with cPanel you are able to deploy Nodejs and Python core apps via cloudlinux application manage. In this article you will be able learn how to fix: npm command not found issue while executing command in cPanel terminal or shell.

Fix: npm Command not found in cPanel

This generally happens when you are not running command in node project. Therefore to fix the issue follow the below steps.

  1. Login to cPanel and navigate to Nodejs application tab.
  2. Now click on “Edit” on the application and copy the path to the application’s virtual environment by clicking on it.
  3. Now go to terminal or shell and paste the code, and then run the commands.

Now you will be able to fix the issue with npm: command not found. We provide Nodejs and Python hosting on our business plan with faster speed in many location. Check out our web hosting and business hosting plan if you are looking to hosting Nodejs app on cPanel based server. It is also recommended to use VPS hosting as best option for Nodejs and Python apps.

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