How to Change Billing Cycle Monthly to Annually in WHMCS

WHMCS is the most popular web hosting billing and automation tool. Most of the web hosting reseller and web hosting provider use this tool to automate their billing and web hosting.

You may have noticed that on the order form, the default billing cycle is always set to be the lowest cycle. Which means if you have a monthly cycle for any products with price, then monthly billing will be selected. However, you might want to change the monthly billing to annually as default. In this post I will show how to change the billing cycle Monthly to Annually in WHMCS with a single line of code.

Please note that even if you have changed the order of the {if} statements wouldn’t have any effect on that since {$billingcycle} is always set to be the lowest cycle for which there is a price.

There are a number of ways defaulting the billing cycle, but in this post I want you to edit the template. Just add the below code at the top of configureproduct.tpl.

{if $pricing.annually}{assign 'billingcycle' 'annually'}{/if}

For example, if you are using a standard cart as a default order form template, then navigate to /templates/orderforms/standard_cart/configureproduct.tpl and add the code on the top (after the include) 

How to Change Billing Cycle Monthly to Annually in WHMCS

I hope this post will help you to change the billing cycle from monthly(smallest) to Annually. Please comment below if you need more help.

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